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North Shore Management Board- Previous Website
The North Shore Management Board is a ten-member Joint Powers Board that contains a representative from all local units of government that exercise zoning authority on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Most members joined the NSMB when it was originally created in 1987. Silver Creek Township joined the NSMB in 1999 upon the creation of the zoning ordinance for the Castle Danger Subordinate Service District, which is administered by the Township. Lake County administers other areas within the North Shore Management Zone in Silver Creek Township.

The North Shore Management Board is responsible for defining the minimum zoning standards for Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior. The Board’s area of authority is property that lies between a Lake Superior and a line that is 300 feet inland from Highway 61 or a line that is 1,000 feet from Lake Superior, whichever is greater.

The North Shore Management Board finished an update of its Management Plan in June of 2004. The NSMB is now working with the participating entities to implement the new regulations.

The NSMB has two subcommittees. The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is made up of zoning administrators and agency officials with interests in North Shore land use, and the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) has a membership of interested citizens.

The NSMB meets about four times a year as does the TAC. The CAC meets as requested by the Board.

NSMB Environmental Website
This website was designed to make the North Shore Region's scientific information available. The website is currently under development, but follow this link to view available information.

North Shore GIS Collaborative
This project was funded in part by the Coastal Zone Management Act, by NOAA’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, in conjunction with Minnesota’s Lake Superior Coastal Program.

The NSMB received a grant from the Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program to complete the North Shore GIS Collaborative project. $15,000 was granted from the Coastal Program and matched with $5,000 from NSMB local funding. This project was developed after a GIS Assessment that was completed that identified that many communities along the North Shore did not have access to Geographic Information Systems. The NSMB and NSMB Technical Advisory Committee understand the significance of GIS and how it can help the local governments make wise land use decisions.

This project has been facilitated by ARDC and overseen by both the NSMB and TAC. A Steering Committee is the working group for the project. This committee is made up of representatives from local governments (staff who would likely utilize the GIS product) and other GIS users and professionals from the area. This Committee is working to create a Web-based GIS product that is user friendly and accessible to local governments. It is a tool for mapping and other geographical analysis. The interface has data such as civil division boundaries, major and local roads, aerial photographs and more. Another goal of the project is to spur GIS data development along the Shore. With this tool, local governments are more apt to develop data that they are able to use without expensive software or extensive training.

October 15, 2008 Meeting 1 Summary

January 6, 2009 Meeting 2 Summary
May 5th, 2009 Meeting 3 Summary
Meeting 4 Notice and Agenda

Click here to read a report that documents the first phase of the North Shore GIS Collaborative.

Erosion Forum
Visit the Erosion Webpage HERE

Informative Presentation of the NSMB

Meeting Information
  • The next NSMB Meeting will be September 30 at 7:00 PM in the Grand Marais County Building.

  • The Technical Advisory Committee's next meeting has not been set.

  • The North Shore GIS Collaborative Steering Committee's next meeting has not been set.

January 20th, 2016 Board Meeting

April 22nd, 2015 Board Meeting
July 22nd, 2015 Board Meeting
September 16th, 2015 Board Meeting

February 18, 2010 Board Meeting
April 29, 2010 Board Meeting
June 28, 2010 Board Meeting, Not Yet Approved
September 30, 2010 Board Meeting Agenda

February 19, 2009 Board Meeting
May 21, 2009 Board Meeting
July 16, 2009 Board Meeting
October 15, 2009 Board Meeting
November 11, 2009 Board Meeting

January 24, 2008 Board Meeting
March 27, 2008 Board Meeting
May 22, 2008 Board Meeting
July 17, 2008 Board Meeting
October 16, 2008 Board Meeting

April 26, 2007 Board Meeting
June 14, 2007 Board Meeting
July 26, 2007 Board Meeting
September 27, 2007 Board Meeting
November 29, 2007 Board Meeting

Fiscal Year 2008 Annual Report

Regional Priority Projects
In 2004 when the NSMB finished the North Shore Management Plan Update a number of projects or future efforts were identified as priorities for the NSMB. The NSMB will continue to work on this list of projects in the upcoming years. In July of 2006 the North Shore Management Board received funds from Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program to complete three projects including Node Identification, Wastewater Assessment, and Ridgeline Viewshed Identification and Assesment. These projects were completed in June 2007:

North Shore Node Definition Project

North Shore Wastewater Assessment Report

North Shore Ridgeline Viewshed Identification and Assessment Report
The map for this project can be viewed HERE

In July 2007 the NSMB began work on three more Regional Priority Projects that include the following projects that were completed in the Spring of 2008:

Innovative Planned Unit Development Research

Erosion Hazard Area Planning Definition Process

North Shore GIS Assessment

State of the Coast -2008 Conference Information
The 2008 State of the Coast Conference was held May 1st.
92 elected officials, planning commissioners, citizens, agency representatives, and professional organizations attended the event.

Listen to a Radio Clip

Conference speakers included:
Randall Arendt
Randall Arendt Website Several conservation land use links available here also.

Clint Little
Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program

Dr. Valerie Brady
Natural Resource Research Institute

Jesse Schomberg
Minnesota Sea Grant

Kris Larson
Minnesota Land Trust

North Shore Management Board Members
Pete Stauber-St. Louis County
Rich Sve-Lake County
Jan Sivertson-Cook County
Wendy Gustofson-Town of Duluth
Mike Hoops-Town of Silver Creek (Chair)
Robin Glaser-City of Two Harbors
Scott Johnson-City of Silver Bay (Vice Chair)
Tracy Benson-City of Grand Marais
Vacant-City of Beaver Bay

Non-Voting for 2014-15
Garry Gamble-Cook County Alternate
Patrick Boyle-St. Louis County Alternate

North Shore Management Plan Update-June 2004
Cover Page and Table of Contents (800 KB)
Chapter 1 (400 KB)
Chapter 2 (200 KB)
Chapter 3 (200 KB)
Chapter 4 (200 KB)
Appendix A -Maps (8 MB)
Appendix B - F (1 MB)
Appendix G - Shoreland Management Area Maps (4.1 MB)

If you would like a CD ROM of this document mailed to you, contact Andy Hubley.

Contact Information
North Shore Management Board c/o ARDC
Attn: Andy Hubley
221 W 1st St.
Duluth, MN 55802


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North Shore Management Board (NSMB)
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