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Beaver Bay Parcel
Through initiatives such as the GIS Assessment by the NSMB and the North Shore GIS Collaborative, several entities on the North Shore have been identified as having a deficit of GIS data. Beaver Bay is interested and ready to start developing or converting data into a GIS format. The City of Beaver Bay is in need of a digital parcel layer showing property ownership. This will be used for land records management and also paired with GIS layers to give a better picture of a parcel's potential through development or preservation.

ARDC will facilitate the process of the GIS parcel data development. Research on the parcels and creation of the digital parcel layer will be performed by a third party data vendor. When the parcel data is complete, ARDC staff will use the parcel information to create a digital zoning file. Also, a basemap consisting of the following, most recent layers will be available for the Cit of Beaver Bay including; aerial imagery, roads, lakes and rivers, railroads, and city and park boundaries.

Once all of the above listed GIS data has been created fo rhte City of Beaver Bay, it will be published onto ARDC;s server as a web application. The web application will consist of the basemap, zoning, and parcel data for the City of Beaver Bay.

Meetings/Recent Developments
The Beaver Bay Parcel project has experienced delays due to the departure of two key persons involved in this project, Kara Kent, GIS Specialist and Heather Roberts, City Clerk. As this is a pilot project, both the City of Beaver Bay and ARDC are eager to begin work and are looking forward to the outcome.

"This project was funded in part by the
Coastal Zone Management Act, by
NOAA’S Office of Ocean and
Coastal Resource Management,
in cooperation with Minnesota’s Lake Superior
Coastal Program."
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More about Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program can be found at their website

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