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Hibbing Transit Operations Study
Background & Purpose
The City of Hibbing is interested in developing a plan to expand their resources to allow their transportation services to meet the needs of all residents (including the disabled, elderly, children, veterans, and others) who wish to ride public transportation. The City of Hibbing wants to provide a safe and effective form of transportation for potential riders so that they can get to their desired location efficiently.

The Hibbing Transit Plan wants to look for ways to coordinate with other transportation providers, for example, Arrowhead Transit or other means of transportation to bring riders into the Hibbing service area. This plan will investigate several modes of transportation including city buses, regional buses, and possible cooperation with automobile transportation and bicycle and pedestrian interests.

The City of Hibbing is relatively rural, and it is difficult economically to be able to serve the entire City on an effective level. The City of Hibbing requested ARDCís assistance to develop a transit plan to determine service area, how many vehicles and what the size, and effective pickup/drop off locations. The project goal is to have a fully-functioning transit service plan by the end of the 2012 to coincide with the purchase of new buses.

An improved transit service would have the potential to increase economic development in the Hibbing area, such as providing a potential increase in employment due to a rise in shopping in the area and the Cityís regional trade center status. It could directly correlate with the increase of general health of City by providing efficient travel to medical appointments, which in turn, would help the general welfare of the City. The City of Hibbing has noticed with other city models that providing better public transportation can provide a strong attraction in relation to drawing residents to their area.

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Meeting Information
Kick-off Meeting
Wednesday, March 2, 2011
9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
Hibbing City Hall Conference Room

Contact Information
Ellen Pillsbury
Phone: 218-529-7554

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