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Floodwood Depot Rest Area Impact Project
Background & Purpose
The City of Floodwood has worked with the State of Minnesota over the last 15 years maintaining and operating the rest area on U.S. Highway 2. However, with past and current reductions in Government Aid the City of Floodwood has concerns if this is an “essential service?”

The City feels that this facility is important not only to the general safety of travelers but also tourism and the local economy of Floodwood. But, the Floodwood City Council doesn’t really know the true extent of the impact that this facility has on safety, tourism, and their local economy. Their main cause of worry is that once this facility closes they have seen a pattern where they are potentially never reopened.

The city is actively pursuing assistance from the Regional Transportation Advisory Committee to help conduct a study on the actual impact the rest facility has on the Floodwood community and the region. The City wants to use the findings to assist them in developing a sustainable plan which keeps the rest area open or to develop a plan to use the designated area for other useful purposes if the City Council deems it necessary for a forced closure of the facility.

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Floodwood Rest Area Impact Project June 2011 Draft

Contact Info
Liz Sarabia
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