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Ely Bicycle Pedestrian Plan
The purpose of the Ely Safe Routes to School (SRTS) plan is to identify barriers and unsafe conditions for children walking and biking to school in Ely. The SRTS program is designed to work with school staff, students, and parents to evaluate the school’s surrounding, educate on the SRTS concept, enforce safety-related policies, and encourage participation. These key areas of evaluation, education, enforcement and encouragement help create a community where students can travel to school on their own and parents and school staff feel comfortable about their safety.

Evaluation provides the core element of the SRTS program by evaluating existing conditions around the schools in Ely, and determining design elements necessary to remedy the problems the evaluation uncovers. The education component includes identifying safe routes, teaching students to look both ways at intersections, and how to handle potentially dangerous situations. Enforcement includes policies that address pedestrian safety issues such as speeding or illegal turning. Encouragement is the final element of the SRTS program. It combines the results of the other areas to improve knowledge, facilities and enforcement to encourage more students to walk or ride safely to school.

The project is expected to be complete by June 30, 2009.

For a detailed timeline and scope of work click HERE.

The Plan is Now Available:
Plan Document
Appendix A: Infrastructure Application
Appendix A-2: Non-infrastructure Grant Application
Appendix B: SRTS Parent Survey
Appendix C-1: Memorial High School Parent Survey Results
Appendix C: Washington Parent Survey Results
Appendix D: Student Populations
Appendix E: Recommendations Chart
Appendix F: SRTS Rankings
Appendix G: Ely SRTS Existing Facilities
Appendix H: Coordinator Job Description

Ely Safe Routes to School Survey
The Ely SRTS Committee used a survey developed by the National
Center of Safe Routes to School to gain input on travel patterns to and from school. Parents/guardians filled out a 16-question survey distributed during the week of October 20, 2008. Surveys were distributed in all k-8 through eighth grade report cards. The surveys asked for information regarding current travel mode behavior and safety perceptions. Please click on a school below to find the results of these surveys.

Washington Elementary (K-6 grade)

Ely High School (7-8 grade)

Copy of the survey

Planning Process Draft

February 19, 2009

October 14, 2008

Contact Info
Bryan Anderson
221 West 1st Street
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