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Helmet Hero Bicycle Education
Since 2007, ARDC has provided an interactive bicycle and helmet safety education curriculum called the Helmet Hero Program. The overall goal is to reduce dangerous bicycling behavior by teaching youth to ride safely and effectively. This program includes 30-45 minutes of in-class instruction that integrates safety messages and educational opportunities for bicyclists. The program is designed for third grade students and is held at elementary schools throughout Northeast Minnesota. Bicycle helmets are distributed and fit to each child’s head at no charge. Rewards are given to the children seen using their helmets.

Click here to see a news segment on Helmet Hero.

Helpful Links
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration- Bicycles
Bicycling in Minnesota- Minnesota Department of Transportation
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
Minnesota Safety Council
Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota
Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
National Center for Bicycling and Walking

Active Living Initiatives
Please use the following web links to other ARDC pages to learn more about active living in the Arrowhead Region.

State of Health- link coming soon
Active Living Community Vision
Comprehensive Planning
Safe Routes to School
Planned Improvements
Transit Planning
Healthy Government Policies- link coming soon

ARDC participates in Healthy Northland- more information can be found at: (when the website becomes available).

For More Information
Jen MacKay, Bicycle Safety Instructor

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Regional Planning Division Programs
NE MN Area Transportation Partnership (ATP)
North Shore Management Board (NSMB)
Northern Aero Alliance
Healthy Northland

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